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The Vital Vegas Podcast is your gratuitous, snarky source for new, opinions and WTF from the world's most exciting city. Las Vegas. In case that wasn't clear. Please try and keep up.
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Apr 30, 2016

Suck it, 13. It's time to turn our unlucky 13th episode into a luckfest!

Las Vegas is the luck capital of the world, and in this episode we share tips for getting lucky in Sin City and more.

We dive into a book called "The Luck Factor," including things lucky people have in common and what we can to do to shift our thinking about luck, from thinking it's something that happens to making it happen!

We also share some amazing Chinese superstitions and lots of superstitions specific to craps.

We'll also talk about all the things you can rub for luck in Las Vegas.



Apr 26, 2016

In this week's episode, allegedly the last episode of our first season, we chat with casino owner Derek Stevens about his recent purchase of Mermaids, La Bayou and Topless Girls of Glitter Gulch.

We also chat up Stacey Dougan, the mastermind behind some amazing vegan food at Simply Good inside Downtown Container Park.

Also on the show, we round up some recent Las Vegas news (it's the law) and B.S. our way through some listener questions.



Apr 19, 2016

You've heard about Nevada brothels, but now go inside one.

The good folks at Sheri's Ranch Resort & Spa (and Brothel), about an hour from the Las Vegas Strip, were kind enough to share some insider knowledge about the world's oldest profession.

Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas (and Clark County, which covers the Las Vegas Strip), despite what many believe.

This week, we check out the impressive Sheri's Ranch brothel grounds, bar, restaurant, themed fantasy rooms and VIP bungalows.

Thanks to Dina (madam at Sheri's Ranch) and Blithe, one of the charming young women who work at Sheri's Ranch, for the tour and all the scoop!

We also slip in a few thoughts about "Love" at Mirage, The Still at Mirage, Red Rock's tenth anniversary, Simply Pure's vegas lasagna and more.


Apr 10, 2016
In this 10th and possibly final episode of the Vital Vegas Podcast, we stroll the Las Vegas Strip's newest pedestrian promenade, The Park. Yes, all of it. Front to back, top to bottom, like we're a TSA agent and The Park is taking the red-eye to Amsterdam. Or something.
Our walk in The Park had a few surprises, even to us. First, we bumped into unintentional guest and Las Vegas media superstar, Johnny Kats of the Las Vegas Sun. Then, we chatted with hottie, sweetheart and musician Lydia Ansel.
Our "Listicle of the Week" is "10 Great Ways to Blow Your Wad in Las Vegas," highlighting over-the-top ways to spend ridiculous amounts of money on only-in-Vegas experiences.
We've also got an interview with Jeff Thomas, one of the co-owners of the new Donut Bar, adjacent to Carson Kitchen in downtown Las Vegas.
It's an action-packed show, so take a listen.
Apr 4, 2016

In this episode, we have an interview with hottie and "Pinup" star Claire Sinclair, as well as Joyen Vakil, Sr. Vice President of Design and Development, MGM Resorts International. No, really.

We also talk Las Vegas news, Las Vegas history, and a listicle featuring 20 things we learned from the LVCVA's Las Vegas Visitor Profile 2015. It's more interesting than it sounds.